GETTING THROUGH 2021... It’s a wrap!

Today, we will not be talking about Product management or my transitioning to Product management. I would rather like that we focus on celebrating the year 2021 and everything there is and was in it.

If you are reading this right now, you deserve a copy of the above certificate. You should probably edit this to fit in your name and signature as well- Canva App made easy got you covered. You can thank me later. You’re welcomed, Don’t mention 😂😁
This is me clapping and cheering loud for you in the background. 365 days already and you are still intact and unbroken? Boy! You’ve done so well, don’t let anyone or any circumstances tell you otherwise.

Covid-19 happened and there was a temporary shut down of offices and workplaces in 2020. Many persons lost their jobs, many businesses crumbled and we all had to start from the scratch this 2021.
So many offices went remote and people had to learn to work independently without physical supervision and directives and also adapting to the idea of working from home and staying at home all week and all year.
Towards the end of 2021, the Omnicron variant was discovered in South Africa, causing uproars and tension around the world particularly Africa. Flights were disrupted, many changes happened within a short time and the fear of getting back to the events of 2020 started creeping in again.
This is really a trying time for the world, there has been a lot of learning, unlearning and re-learning. Many people had their fair share of wins, some others had big shares of wins- I can still remember the mid-November tweet from the Nigerian UI/UX designer that had his earnings multiplied by x23, invested in some Tech startups, found love amongst other accomplishments (typical 'God when?' situation right?, lol).
Many others still counted numerous or few losses (you don't have to worry or be sad, you're not alone in all of these. We go again in 2022. This time, harder with maximum results).

If none of your goals for this year clicked, I still want to assure you that you are not a failure. If you tried and failed or had some shortcomings, here I am still assuring you that you’re no failure either. Every experience is a blessing, you either learn or earn. Whichever way, it’s a win-win situation.
I went through this year trying to find myself and my purpose. I needed to stop "getting by" daily and start living. I started by doing the things I loved, keeping away from negative energy at my workplace and other internal and external places and finally learning a new skill at the close of the year (Still in the learning process shaa). The 6 figure job I envisaged at the beginning of the year was nowhere close to me, instead I am ending the year unemployed, happy, healthy and most importantly, grateful.
As this year wraps up in a few hours, I will appreciate that you observe the following;

1. Be Grateful: A heart of gratitude attracts so much. You may not have it all presently, but being grateful for big wins, small wins and no wins will make you feel better than you can ever imagine.
2. Don't beat yourself up: If you're currently wrestling with yourself, I would advice that you quit. Stop beating yourself up. Every obstacle or setback is an opportunity for learning and improvement.

3. Live In the Moment: Enjoy the last hours of 2021 cos there will be no 2021 ever again. Make lasting memories with the hours you have left.
4. Leave every hate and regrets behind: As we are about to cross over to 2022, I will strongly advise that you leave the past and focus on the present. You cannot control the past nor change it, but you can control the present and re-write your future.
5. Smile: A smile can do alot. It relaxes the muscles, strengthens the heart and stretches the soul. I will be writing a full blog story on smile in 2022.

Life is too short for all the sadness. Wipe the worry off your face. Be Happy. Be Grateful and don't forget to Smile.

Congratulations on completing 2021. We go again in 2022. This time, harder and better with maximum results. 😁😁




An aspiring Product Manager with a great interest in technology, product and business development. An avid reader and a tech writer.

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Lilian Chiamaka Anyanwu

Lilian Chiamaka Anyanwu

An aspiring Product Manager with a great interest in technology, product and business development. An avid reader and a tech writer.

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